The Architect and the Painter Review

The Architect and The Painter are due for release in cinemas near you soon. This enlightening story of Charles and Ray Earnes, a husband and wife team that were Americas most regarded designers.

Ray and Charles Earnes were known for their fiberglass furniture, their photographs, multi-media exhibits and toys. But they were mostly known for the splints they designed for the wounded in World War II.

This is the first film since their death and is narrated by James Franco. The film covers their personal lives and how they had an influence on American life today. This truly is a remarkable film for anyone interested in modern design.

Producers Jason Cohn and Bill Jersey have taken every care to ensure the film correctly shows the lives of this extraordinary couple. They were responsible for so many wonderful exhibits during the years from toys to poufs and the film will give great ideas to anyone who is considering home remodeling.

The Earnes family made such an impact on America with their designs, much like a therapist Encinitas can make on someone who needs help. This family made a point of helping in World War II coming up with splints to help the wounded and they had an impact right up to modern design.

If you think of a Motorola mobile battery and how it goes on for years, this is how the Earnes family affected America. Their memory goes on for many years as their art, photography and exhibits are remembered today in this wonderful film.

Thinking of how they helped in World War II, ensuring wounded soldiers were equipped with splints reminds us how nurses study for RN to MSN to better themselves and help wounded people all over the country.

The couple worked together for many years and if there is something you can learn from their strong relationship, it’s como reconquistar a ex namorada, their strength and understanding of each other can teach you a lot when trying to win an ex back for good.

The film of Ray and Charles Earnes is produced by Quest Productions and Bread and Butter Films, these companies understand the importance this couple impacted on America and want to show who this couple really was from their personal lives and how they had such a great influence on which we are today.

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Little things we take for granted such as keratin hair treatment or pull up bars all impact our lives in one way or another; we don’t take the time to reflect on the people who have made it possible. This is what The Architect and The Painter film is all about, it’s taking time to reflect on the couple who made such a difference to America.

If you are interested in modern design, it’s worthwhile going to see this film. Spend a little money to relive the lives of an extraordinary couple, take out logbook loans online or borrow money from a friend, but this is a film that shouldn’t be missed.