Suburban Living Redesigned

Sorry for the hiatus – I was busy with two design presentations. The first to the client (went excellent, received comments like “That’s great! No one is doing design like that!”) and the second to the city (went bad – “Well, it certainly has a lot of clean lines” – apparently that’s not a good thing). Ah well.

Anyway I heard a really interesting program on the local NPR station yesterday about a new book that looks at the rise of America’s “boomburbs” and considers the role of mixed-use development in their success now, and in the future:

“Thirty years ago, life in the suburbs still meant tranquility, a slower pace, and insulation from the problems of big cities. Today, those suburbs are among the fastest-growing cities in America. What is fueling the growth and what are the implications for our country? We’ll spend this hour with Robert E. Lang, Director of the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech in Alexandria, Virginia and co-author of “Boomburbs: The Rise of America’s Accidental Cities” (Brookings, 2007).”