Neat little project

A unique little project just off Lemon Ave in Dallas is this tri-plex. I really like the use of the wood paneling product at a soffit at the garage entry, and the simple entry doors off the street. Go to the project website to see the floorplans. I really like the restrained form and use of metal siding coupled with the CMU base. However, I would think there could be more glazing – the unit is strategically located on the corner of a street and open to a great deal of light. The one balcony on the front I like, but am underwhelmed by. It is the single whimsical element on an otherwise rigidly constructed morphology, and should either have been more of a statement, have it’s vocabulary repeated on the other units in some fashion, or been a very logical and understated extension of the rest of the design. Aside from that, the building sits on the street very nicely and isn’t too imposing for its apparent scale and use of dark materials. According to these 1,783 sf 2 bed/3 bath/2 car agarage units appear to have sold (from front of site to back) for 368k, 254k, & 193k (each with the same floor plan). You can also see SketchUp renderings of the interior posted by the creator here and here.