Investing in Mid Century Furniture for Excellent Interior Spaces

One of the latest trends in interior design and architecture is the mid-century modern theme. Specific to interior design, there is now a slew of mid century furniture options that homeowners can pick to spice up their interior spaces. The term mid century is a reference to the timeline of the development of this designed which spanned the years from 1933 to 1965 referring to the mid-20th century.

The main characteristic of mid century furniture design is in its sleek, streamlined and clean look. It typifies the precursory trend to what has become modern minimalist although the “minimalist” element is still not that evident in most mid century furniture designs. In short, it is largely a functional piece with quirky design elements for aesthetics. One can liken it to surf clothing which is both stylish and fashionable but largely used for its intended functions more than its design. The spectrum of furniture designs includes various elements from chairs to tables, shelves, storage space, and even lighting fixtures. It is usable for indoor and outdoor spaces and finds itself a common inclusion into many settings from office space rooms to villas in Spain or in Chautauqua Lake homes. There is basically no limitation in the way this furniture is used to accent or complement interior room and outdoor landscape designs. If only water fountains were included in the mid century furniture portfolio, then you know it wouldn’t be anymore complete than it currently is.

It is very difficult to name the specific origin of mid century furniture because it is largely a hodge-podge of various styles slowly merging into a coherent theme. Instead, it is worthwhile to give tribute to the names that made the evolution of mid century furniture design possible. In this regard, you have names like George Nelson, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Edward Wormley, Jens Risom and Charles Eames to name a few. Between the periods from 1940 to 1980, these names dominated the interior design landscape much like second hand cars dominated the 1960s. From the desks and pens of these designers came marvelous, awe-inspiring and mind-blowing interior pieces that have remained well-received and heavily sought after to this day. Today, you can find various pieces from artistic recreations to original antique collections in many homes, stores, and on the desks of modern designers as drawings and recommendations for their latest projects. Long after the fathers of mid century furniture have moved on, their masterpieces continue to dazzle and mesmerize the modern world.

There are a variety of available options when buying mid century furniture. First, you can head to the furniture shops nearest you that offer contemporary designs. Word of warning: don’t go to IKEA! You will not find what you are looking for there. Instead, find more stylish and less DIY furniture shops so you can be exposed to the whole range of designs that are intrinsic to the mid century furniture class. You will be delighted to know that whether you are trying to look for plush sitting units or very rustic designs, there is a mid century furniture that suits your needs.

If you cannot find the designs that you want from local shops, your best bet is to go online to websites that specialize in mid century furniture retailing.

eBay and other bidding websites. Because most mid century furniture quality as near-antique creations, there are a variety of auction sites that offer original pieces from some homes. In some cases, you might have to perform minor restoration jobs to bring out the best in the piece but for the most part, the sell is largely in excellent working condition. Also take note that since it is a bidding site, you might have to go out of your budget to secure the piece that you want. But then again, for an authentic antique furniture piece, what’s not to love? Besides, it won’t be that expensive to render your life insurance quotes as questionable investments.

Retailer websites. There are sites that focus on finding and broadcasting the latest mid century furniture buys. Sites like Collector’s Weekly give furniture seekers the best chance at finding good buys. Visit the site to get updated with the latest available products on sale.

Specialty websites. These websites do not sell anything but offer very extensive reading resources for all sorts of topics relating to mid century furniture. Sites like Masters in Teaching have a compendium of the Top 24 Mid-Century Furniture blogs while The Selvedge Yard deftly specializes in most things antique. Given how mid century design pieces will complement your San Diego flooring theme, you can be confident that looking up these websites is well worth the effort.

If you are truly serious with finding an interior design theme that portrays class, elegance and glamour and you’re not just going through another personality test phase when you are not really sure of what you want but would just want to try things, then you can be confident that mid-century modern pieces will surely “bring the house down.” However, you also need to be sure because the quality of these pieces means you might have to put in some degree of monetary investment in order to find the best. For example, consider these online prices from the best auction sites:

A pair of vintage 1950 chairs by famous designer Arne Jacobsen is currently bidding at $999.
An elegant craft lounge chair from the 1960s is selling for $855.
A rosewood table with chrome accents perfect for large dining spaces is selling for $755.
A plus sofa made from teak and newly upholstered currently sells for $300.
A drawer chest made of teak is selling for $232.50.
A vintage papa bear chair is currently bidding at $102.5 with 3 days to go.

Commit to your mid century furniture investment and be confident that it will see you through to the end. The best selections will provide your home with the ump that it has long needed to become a premier interior design haven. Do not be afraid to roll the dice but also find satisfaction in the best mid century furniture buys that will surely rock your world and bring your rooms to life.