Interesting Architect to Watch

Andreas Angelidakis is an architect whose experimental work skirts the edge between the physical the digital. While the works shown here are clearly offshoots from his work in Second Life (and not in a good way) I enjoyed the interview below.

I found some of his early Active Worlds digital designs interesting, and I dug a few things he said. He noted that he enjoying the use of a rough concrete texture map because “everything on the internet looks new” and understanding how can, on the internet, buildings grow old over time. It was also intriguing his notion of how the “kids” these days view the internet as a place to hang out, a place to “be” like a park or a beach which has certain fascinating ramifications. If architecture is more than just shelter, it should have a relevance to any gathering of community, more than just as shell or container, but as facilitator, or nurturer. MySpace is a gathering point as is Second Life, digg, twitter or any other social media site. What is the role of architecture in this experience? Does it have one?

I would argue that architecture should (and can) be a much more fitting interface for people between their physical communities and their digital communities than is a Blackberry or a Macbook.