Helios House

Looking like something out of a late 90s low-poly sci-fi game, the British Petroleum Helios House gas station is an experiment by the oil giant to soften their environmental footprint. I’ll have to say this, it’s easy to make a house in the desert enviro-friendly, but if you want to really tackle the issue, handle a gas station in the middle of LA. Designed by the Boston architecture group Office dA, it is definitely a bold stride toward something revolutionary.

Currently seeking LEED certification, one first notices the stainless steel clad canopy – a ‘green’ roof, landscaped with drought tolerant plants, collecting rainwater for irrigation (filtered to prevent hydrocarbons from polluting groundwater), and with 90 solar panels producing enough energy to power two to three homes. LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) illuminate signage throughout the station, saving up to 50% of the energy over even fluorescent or metal halide, while the station also makes use of automated electric lights whose sensors switch all lighting on or off as needed.

The Helios House is staffed by a team of attendants knowledgeable in sustainable design and green living, and provide consumers with information and tips as well as fielding questions about the station itself and how they can benefit from it.

I particularly dig the brochures: