Famous architecture styles from over the world

Every country, region and continent has certain things about it that make it different from the rest. This is the reason why there are differences in the culture and norms and values of these different locations. A very important factor that must be considered is the environmental factor; each area has certain features because of the local weather and the climate of that region along with its customs and traditions. This is exactly what I will be focusing on today with a different approach. Let me take you on a trip which will make you familiar with some of the different architectural styles from all around the world. You will also find various explanations as to why these styles are the way they are. Have you ever wondered why the structures of houses and buildings changes as you move across the world? It is mainly because of the changes in the weather patterns that also affect the lifestyles of people.  There are, of course, various other elements contributing here too which I will be discussing. You can get more information by reading on!

The details are, of course, far too lengthy to be covered in this article. The world of architecture is vast and simply cannot be covered that easily. However, this post will give you a brief overview of different architectural styles. Let me start off with the Roman style of architecture which is very famous all over the world. It usually comprises of semicircular arches, domes and small paired windows along with a number of other characteristics. You can check it out on a number of websites that have complete pictures of this style of architecture.

The Gothic style of architecture then evolved from the Roman style of architecture during the medieval ages.  Towers and timber structures are famous components of this style of structure.

However, these are merely a few historical architecture styles. A generally vast description pertaining to the different geographical features of the different countries of the world can be given by summing up characteristics of the houses and buildings in these areas. Even the automobiles used in these areas, at times, complement the climate of the region. However, lets not drift away from our main subject; architecture.  You will notice that in colder regions where snowfall is as abundant as car accident lawyers, the houses seem to have sloped roofs. The windows are small and houses mostly are designed to be compact and cozy.

Move a little towards the east and you will find flat roofs, larger windows and very well ventilated houses. The main purpose of this is to allow the houses to remain cool in the scorching heat. Move to the subcontinent and you will find lavish Mogul architecture. Even accredited nurse practitioner schools will be found to have this fancy form of architecture which comprises of balconies, verandas and arches. This form of architecture keeps buildings cool in the summer and provides ample sunlight to the dwellers in the winters.

Architecture has a lot to say about the history and heritage of any country; next time you see an old building, do try to figure out the style of architecture that it has!