Conferences galore

Well, it’s the most wonderful time of the year again. Is on and that means I’m writing this from a hotel in beautiful San Diego. Just lovely. I’ve actually been here since Friday. I came in a day early to attend the pre-conference seminar. It was of particular interest to me because of my ongoing determination to better communicate our firm’s 3D designs with something between hand drawn watercolors and high-end photorealistic renderings. There were some fascinating things, and I’ll begin my observations on what was presented tomorrow. I’m actually starting this a day later than I had hoped – I blame the reception Saturday night and the open Guinness taps.

So far my first trip to San Diego has been nice. The conference center is getting a little old though, it’s cooler outside than in, and while it’s not nearly as nice as the center we were in in Boston last year, it is nice that we can meander a block or two away and get some really good food (Boston was like being held hostage between freeways – the only way to get anywhere was to ride the bus).

Last night I had some very nice crab cakes, a delicious Horny Monkey and an ok Zombie at the Mr. Tiki Mai Tai Lounge. The drinks were great, the trappings were ok, but the music was terrible. Typical beachside 70s/80s fare – no Les Baxter or Martin Denny, it’s practically a crime.

Als right, enough style sheet. Tomorrow we’ll get into it.