Classic Examples of Mid Century Homes

Planning the design for your dream house isn’t a task that you simply relegate to your architect or interior designer; nor is it as easy as logging on to free dating sites, betting on Sbobet, or driving to some interesting penny auctions.

The task is quite a tough challenge, like finding the best anti wrinkle cream that will perfectly hide one’s age or choosing the plus size clothing that will best flatter a woman with some extra pounds. Aside from getting the services of a few highly skilled people (preferably with masters in education) to build your house, you will need to consider the design that you want for your very own abode. And perhaps one of the best designs out there is the design for a mid century home (also called mid century modern).

Most mid century homes are like an immobilier: an eclectic and stunning fusion of minimalist, futuristic, and cosmopolitan designs. Mid century design is the typical architecture for homes from 1930-1980. Here is a short list of some of the finest and most classic examples of mid century homes:

1. The Incredibles’ home. If you have watched this Pixar flick, then you’d probably notice its stunning and incredibly accurate depiction of a typical mid century modern home. From its architecture to the furniture, the home featured in the said animated film has the classic look of an American suburban abode back in the 1960s. This contemporary classic mid century modern piece of architecture and interior design is a perfect choice if you want your house to sport the said look and wow your visitors and neighbors like the performance of a brand-new car battery uk.

2. Cameron’s house from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. This 4-bedroom, 5,300 sq.ft. historic crib is located just outside the Chicago suburb and features a stunning display of mid century modern architecture with glass walls and sliding doors, wooden ceilings, white furniture, and subdued hues. It is also home to an exotic wheeled machine—a red 1961 Ferrari GTO California that has its own garage which will make even the most affluent graduates of prestigious criminal justice schools green with envy and make them wish they also own such rare beauty.

3. Eames House. This breathtaking creation was by Charles Eames, and was featured in the 1950 LIFE magazine. The house is a stunning display of Eame’s trademarks: simplicity, functionalism, and economy. This no-nonsense dwelling perfectly fits couples who want only the essentials, like sitting on a cozy couch while watching The Celebrity Apprentice featuring ACN INC. The Eames house has steel trusses, curtained glasses, and vibrant stucco panels.

So, be guided by these fine examples before you build your dream house and enjoy the perks of living in a well-built and beautiful mid century home that you can truly call your own.