Architecture Connects the World

This is a couple years old, but it is still a good presentation by Thom. He’s not speaking specifically to an architecture audience, which I think is when he’s at his best. His focus on connectivity is very important I think, and, in tandem with green building, will be the next big shift in architecture. While he might be able to successfully argue that most of his architecture symbolizes this philosophy morphological with his ’science’ of bending, curving, and offering transparency, I’m not sure it achieves the same with it’s function. That said, I love some of the ways his buildings are coming alive with an intelligence that accommodates the inhabitants both functionally and ecologically. I do agree that nature, in the traditional sense, barely exists and is only a “cultural edifice” for us. Architecture isn’t just building or shelter, it is “constructing reality” and must become and facilitate a nature, an ecology, and a community.