A Review of Eames: The Documentary

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If you’re tired of browsing for a cheat with words with friends or some online penny auctions just to pass the time, we are here to offer you a hand. Being tired of the same daily routine is not out of the ordinary, and coming across new and exciting hobbies can prove to be exhausting or time-consuming – time you most likely do not want to spare. But why don’t you think about watching some movies or exciting new documentaries, for a change? You can not only pass the time, watch some exciting picture, but you can also considerably boost your package of general knowledge so it’s really a win-win scenario you should grow quite fond of. We are going to offer you a swell recommendation in the shape of a documentary on the Eames called “Eames: The Architect and the Painter“. You must have heard of the husband-and-wide team made of Charles and Ray Eames, the famous designers who were the fathers of the Eames furniture which you might be currently hosting inside your own living room or bedroom. This special documentary you could be watching might not exactly be bringing you the same degree of relaxation as a vacation in a hotel in Belize, but it can certainly aid you into spending a lovely afternoon.

The documentary manages to capture the vivid story of the two designers who were considered to be the most important figures in the world of design, but completely grasping and understanding their story is not as easy as finding a source for Winrar free download. As a matter of fact, even though you too might be living under the impression that the Eames were mainly responsible for the creation of their popular and much-admired plywood furniture or for their furniture pieces that were made of fiberglass, you too might have another thing going. They did not attend any accounting schools, they did not posses any Masters in Computer Science or any masters of social work degrees; as a matter of fact, just like the title of the documentary suggests, Charles was an architect and Ray was a painter, but these were not job descriptions for the two husbands, but rather ways of looking at the world. They created magic, they gave shape to America’s 20th century – and it all began with a chair. They went further along their way and started to write books or create splints for wounded soldiers, multimedia exhibits and even games, yours or movies. And that’s not all, but it should help you form an opinion on the work these two beloved American husbands managed to create during their lifetime. You shall get to make full sense out of these words once you shall get to personally see the documentary.

Whether you personally own an MBA Healthcare Management degree, whether you have gotten your degree in MBA finance online or whether you are interested in learning more about continuing education insurance, you can make for a great “candidate” for watching this documentary narrated by James Franco and which is actually the first film that was dedicated to the two geniouses.